Useful commands

onstat - Gives the status of the databases
onstat -m Prints the last few messages and the location of the message log: good for diagnostics
onstat -d Prints the size of the db spaces
dbaccess text-based interface to the database
dbaccess - - Run database commands from the command line
dbaccess <name of db> <script> Runs the SQL file <script> against the given database
dbaccess - <script> Runs the given SQL file (good for creating databases)
dbschema -d <name of db> Prints out the schema for the given database (doesn't print out data)
dbexport <name of db> Exports the given database to a directory called <name of db>
finderr <errnum> Describes the error with the given number
onmode -ky Shuts down the database
oninit Starts up the database

-- JonBlower - 16 Jun 2004

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