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 ncWMS2 has now been released, and is hosted on  GitHub. This page is still relevant for all ncWMS 1.x information, but for the newer version, please use the  GitHub site.

ncWMS is a  Web Map Service for geospatial data that are stored in  CF-compliant  NetCDF files. The intention is to create a WMS that requires minimal configuration: the source data files should already contain most of the necessary metadata. ncWMS is developed and maintained by the  Reading e-Science Centre at the  University of Reading, UK. The latest version is 1.2, released in August 2014.

ncWMS is implemented in Java as a web application. To install ncWMS you simply place the WAR (Web ARchive) file in your application server of choice (e.g.  Tomcat).

ncWMS relies heavily on the  Java NetCDF interface from Unidata. This library does a lot of the work of metadata and data extraction. In particular the  GridDatatype class is frequently used to provide a high-level interface to gridded geospatial NetCDF files. The library will also read from NetCDF files on HTTP servers and from  OPeNDAP servers.

ncWMS has now been integrated with the THREDDS Data Server, thanks to colleagues at the University of Tasmania and Unidata. See for more details.

NEW! ncWMS is now distributed with the  OSGeo-Live DVD!

Demonstration video of Godiva2 web client

Godiva2 screenshot for screencast link

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