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Research in "Reading e-Science Centre" to help improve worlds's environmental data, Press release of University of Reading,March 2011

e-Science paper wins Lloyds "Science of Risk" climate change prize, December 2010

OGC Newsletter, January 2008. The ReSC's Godiva2 website was named "Website of the Month".

Environmental Scientists jump on Google Earth, Planet Earth, Summer 2007

Virtual Earths let researchers "mash up" data   Article published on NewScientistTech, 2nd May 2007

e-Science makes weather forecasts available for search and rescue, press release, published in CCNews, NASA Earth Observatory News and FS World, 2005

NERC Annual Report 2003-4: The ReSC and its work earned three mentions in total. Please see the article "Reading e-Science Centre" in "The organisation" and "Ocean salinity data improves weather forecasts" and "Searches at sea" in "Science into policy".

"e-Science potential in the ocean data environment" (Jerzy Graff, British Maritime Technology), International Ocean Systems, November/December 2004

"GODIVA - Modelling climate and oceans" Flyer presented at SC2004

"Knowledge Transfer and Public Sector Research Establishments", page 20-21: "Using existing protocols in a new environment", DTI, October 2004

"Forecasting at your fingertips", Water and Environment Manager, April 2004

"Grid opens new doors", Reading Chronicle, 25 March 2004