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Keith Haines
Keith Haines Keith Haines is the Director of the Reading e-Science Centre. He has a background in Dynamical Meteorology and Oceanography and has made major contributions to the field of Marine Data Assimilation. He is on the Executive board of the UK National Centre for Ocean Forecasting (NCOF). His e-Science interests include OGC Services, Geobrowser technology (Google Maps, Google Earth and related tools), and running climate models using compute clusters.
Jon Blower
Technical Director
Home page
Jon Blower Jon has research interests in data visualization, environmental informatics, Open Data, Linked Data and Semantic Web. He is the coordinator of the MELODIES project and manages the ReSC's contributions to several other collaborative projects, including MyOcean, CHARMe and GeoViQua.
Jane Lewis
Deputy Technical Director
Jane Lewis Jane has worked in IT in the defence and telecomms sectors for many years, everything from designing and writing code to leading large engineering teams to deliver urgent defence systems. She has an MSc in Computing and recently another in Applied Meteorology. At ReSC she is able to combine industrial experience in mapping systems and in the software delivery process with meteorological subjects such as environmental data.
Guy Griffiths
Senior Scientific Software Engineer
Guy Griffiths Guy develops e-Science tools related to visualisation and data assimilation of ocean and other environmental science data. He has a research background in theoretical polymer physics, and in software engineering for industry.
Barbara Percy
Data Products Development Manager
Barbara Percy Barbara has nearly 30 years’ experience of translating users’ requirements into usable systems with intuitive interfaces and meaningful outputs. She has studied a BSc in Maths & Computing and an MSc in Applied Meteorology. Her main responsibility at ReSC has been the completion, promotion and on-going enrichment of the Environmental Virtual Observatory pilot (EVOp).
Charles Roberts
Geospatial Software Developer Email
Charles Roberts Charles develops software that allows the visualisation of geospatial data with associated uncertainty information. He has degrees in meteorology and theoretical physics.
Nan Lin
Scientific Software Developer Email
Nan Lin Nan has long-term programming and research experiences in the field of Distributed Computing. He has developed systems that are able to demonstrate the usage of OGC Web Services Standards.
Raquel Alegre
Scientific Software Engineer
Raquel Alegre Raquel works in the CHARMe FP7 project as a project engineer. She has several years of experience in developing software for Earth Observation and Remote Sensing related projects. She has studied a MSc in Computer Engineering and has further studies in Space Science and Technology.
Dan Bretherton
Research HPC Manager Email
Dan Bretherton Dan joined ReSC in 2006, working on grid related research and development projects until 2010 when he became the Environmental System Science Centre's IT manager. Following ESSC's merger with the meteorology department in 2012 Dan became the merged department's storage and compute cluster manager, but he continues to manage ReSC's VMware based server virtualisation infrastructure, the wiki and the video-conferencing facilities.